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sq.m G.L.A
Value of real estate in Israel


A boutique center in the heart of Tel Aviv's high ...

10 Nissim Aloni St., Tel Aviv  

7,750 Sq.m G.L.A
45 Tenants
200 Parking Space
36,000 Residents within a 1 km radius

Kochav Hatzafon

Kochav Hatzafon Tel Aviv

Meir Yaari 18, Tel Aviv

2,200 Sq.m G.L.A
25 Tenants
57 Parking Space
24,000 Residents within a 1 km radius


The neighborhood commercial center of North Tel Baruch

8 Aharon Becker St, Tel Aviv

7,700 Sq.m G.L.A
50 Tenants
130 Parking Space
22,000 Residents within a 1 km radius


Israel's largest shopping, entertainment and leisure complex

Moshe Dayan Blvd., Rishon le Zion

12 Million Yearly visitors
67,500 Sq.m G.L.A
130 Tenants
1,600 Parking Space
1 Million Residents within a 10 km radius


A commercial center in the Rishon le Zion city center

45 Rothschild St., Rishon le Zion

13,000 Sq.m G.L.A
100 Tenants
430 Parking Space
70,000 Residents within a 1 km radius

Kfar Saba

The largest shopping and entertainment complex in the Sharon region

207 Weizmann St., Kfar Saba

8 Million Yearly visitors
42,200 Sq.m G.L.A
165 Tenants
1,550 Parking Space
550,000 Residents within a 10 km radius


Yavneh's first shopping and entertainment center

1 Hakishon St. Yavneh

10,200 Sq.m G.L.A
60 Tenants
312 Parking Space
7,000 Residents within a 1 km radius


The north's roadside mall    

1 Hatamar St. Yokneam

15,900 Sq.m G.L.A
100 Tenants
435 Parking Space
6,000 Residents within a 1 km radius

Horev Center

The neighborhood commercial center of the Achuza neighborhood on the Carmel

15 Horev St., Haifa

12,600 Sq.m G.L.A
45 Tenants
270 Parking Space
22,000 Residents within a 1 km radius

About The Company

Gazit Israel Ltd., which is fully owned by Gazit Globe (100%), is one of the leading revenue generating real estate companies in Israel. The company was established in 2005 and since then it has been dealing in purchasing, origination, development and management of urban and regional commercial centers that satisfy the everyday needs of the population, combining shopping, food and leisure and operating under the G brand. The company maintains and managers 13 revenue generating centers (primarily in central Israel), another property is under development there is additional ground for future construction. The properties of the company cover a constructed rental area of approximately 183,000 sq.m G.L.A worth approximately 2.8 billion shekels.

The company specialized in the development of urban centers located in the centers of high quality residential neighborhoods and provides solutions to the everyday needs of the population living in the area and development of large commercial centers at key junctions that have supermarket anchors.

The centers constitute a one stop shop for customers

The company has about 750 tenants renting at its properties and is in constant contact with tenants in order to maintain a balanced, high quality mix at centers that will provide its customers a maximum experience and value during their visits to the center.

Gazit  Israel is constantly developing and improving properties that it owns and examining additional opportunities in order to continue to grow and be a leading party in the revenue generating real estate field in Israel.


גזית ישראל הוקמה בשנת 2005.


גזית ישראל מחזיקה ב- 13 נכסים מניבים (בעיקר במרכז הארץ) , בנכס אחד הנמצא בשלבי פיתוח וקרקע נוספת לבנייה עתידית.


היקף כולל של כ - 183,000 מ״ר GLA.


לחברה כ-750 שוכרים בנכסיה והיא נמצאת בקשר מתמיד עם הדיירים על מנת לשמור על תמהיל מאוזן ואיכותי במרכזים שייתן ללקוחותיה חוויה וערך מרביים במהלך ביקוריהם במרכז.